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How impressive it is: the strong connection between the giant wolf Akela and his companion

Caring for loved ones is a phenomenon beyond price.

This is Andrey, who showed off and played with his closest friend, who came to light as the cutest wolf on the planet. The wolf’s name is Akela.

They have been together since Akela was little and no one expected Akela to come out as giant as a wolf.

In many regions, animals such as Akela are known as consummate explorers and hunters who run together in packs.

Akela may look frightful, but he is strangely loving and gentle towards Musienko. While they are together, the lively wolf tries to play with his companion by jumping on his back.

A giant wolf bites into Musienko’s hoodie and puts his paws on the friend’s shoulders. Musienko grins and tries to adhere to Akela’s energy and weight.

Dealing with Akela does not seem easy. A strong bond formed between the companions, and there was absolute trust between them. Akela even greedily bites Musienko, who didn’t bother to keep his fingers in Akela’s mouth.

Musienko hoped to create a larger enclosure for Akela so that he would have more space to walk and play.

The two are uniquely close and Akela is happy to have him around.